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Self booking interface

AgencyAuto helps travel agencies to provide a self-booking portal to the corporates that automate travel planning, requisition, approval, fulfillment, invoicing and reporting.

Quality check

AgencyAuto systematically checks every PNR at the time of booking and helps in the internal communication that prevents PNR re-work.

Revenue enhancer

AgencyAuto enables setting up of mark up/service fee selectively for each customer.

Vendor management

AgencyAuto provides a single platform for travel agencies to manage different vendors and inventory. It enhances cross-selling of ancillary services by vendor integration.


AgencyAuto automatically generates an invoice for every booking done and cancellation raised by the customer thus avoiding any dilemmatic situation.

Third party integration

AgencyAuto can be seamlessly integrated with multiple GDS system, accounting, and HRMS software.

Auto BSP reconciliation

AgencyAuto tracks all the transactions and gives summarized report for BSP reconciliation that helps in smooth flow of data and funds between travel agencies and airlines to ensure better control.

Policy enforcement

AgencyAuto helps travel agencies to set up policies for each corporate such that every request raised is cross-checked to ensure non-violation of company policies.

Promocode management

AgencyAuto allows travel agencies to map different coupons and offers for different customers which automatically gets displayed at the time of booking.

Advanced reporting

AgencyAuto provides in-depth analytical reports. Custom report engine, live dashboard, summary reports, one click PPT, and PDF makes life easy for the MIS team.
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