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AgencyAuto helps travel agencies to offer multiple services like air, bus, train, car, hotel, forex, and visa to their customers.

Revenue Management System:

AgencyAuto provides profitability tracker, revenue enhancer, and vendor management that lets travel agencies maximize their revenue from each customer.

Corporate Policy Management:

AgencyAuto helps travel agencies to manage the policies of various corporate clients. It allows travel policies of various clients to be mapped accordingly.

Operations Management System:

AgencyAuto automates the key functionalities within the operations department of the travel agency. Higher efficiency and faster turn around time help in attracting customers.

Accounts Management System:

AgencyAuto simplifies the credit control, supplier matching and ledger management process. It ensures accurate invoicing and complete accounting of every transaction.


AgencyAuto helps travel agencies to have an in-depth understanding of their business performance so that they are able to take appropriate decisions.

Self Booking Interface:

AgencyAuto helps travel agencies to provide a self-booking portal to the corporates that automate their business travel program.

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